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Search for torrents for free

Torrent Search is a comprehensive search tool by Gwendal Le Bihan. As the name suggests, this app enables users to search for and download torrents. It checks all the major torrenting sites for any search query the user inputs and delivers the result quickly. The app is free to download and use and does not require much storage space.

Unlike other torrent searching tools, Torrent Search offers a straightforward interface free from hard options. Moreover, it allows you to install additional plugins. With this, you can expand the number of websites from which the app will grab the search result. 

What is Torrent Search?

There are many torrent-promising sites that you can find online. However, not all of them provide reliable results. Some sites come with speed issues, while some do not provide good quality data. Torrent Search is a program built specifically for searching torrent files. It features a powerful searching algorithm that detects different sites and finds accurate results quickly. Additionally, it allows you to download your file within the app.

The app sports a clean and straightforward layout, allowing you to perform most operations with a few clicks. Not only that, but it also performs all the tasks quickly. Even better, you can start and pause the process to check whether you got the right file. The app allows you to check the information about each torrent, including the name, date, category, size, and number of seeders and leechers.

Torrent Search further expands its capacity by allowing you to install additional plugins. With this, you can search through more websites. Moreover, it lets you configure the search parameters by hiding torrents with no seeders, filtering duplicates, or showing torrents with the exact phrase in the name. However, while it can search for files fast, the same cannot be said for its download speed. Often downloading torrents takes ages. 

Is the app good?

In a nutshell, Torrent Search offers a simple yet reliable solution when it comes to torrenting files. The app allows you to search for and download torrents without opening your web browser. Moreover, it searches from various sources and provides you with accurate results. It even allows you to add plugins for more websites. If you wish to find torrent links fast, this is the right choice for you.


  • Advanced search algorithm
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Provides accurate results
  • Allows additional search plugins


  • Downloading torrents takes ages
  • No frequent program updates
  • Does not integrate a download manager

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Torrent Search for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 0.11.0
  • 3.1
  • (39)
  • Security Status

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